Study shows new way to set yourself apart

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Finding relevant and credible information is difficult, according to recent research. And it represents an excellent opportunity to set yourself apart from the competition.

A study of 1,000 middle managers by the global consulting firm Accenture found that:

  • Managers spend up to two hours per day searching for information.
  • 53% report that the information they found had no value.
  • 43% said they accidentally used the wrong information at least once a week.

In a similar study by researchers at Find/SVP, when it comes to searches for online business information:

  • 45% encounter broken links that do not work.
  • 39% believe that information found online is outdated.
  • 21% are not confident that their search results come from credible sources.

The opportunity: Send customers or prospects legitimate, credible industry information, to save them time and build your own reputation as a “go-to” source.

Source: Sam Richter in the e-book “Take the Cold Out of Cold Calling,” To learn more visit:

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