Sales Roundup: September 9

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Welcome to Sales Roundup, a new feature on Top Sales Dog. Every other week, we highlight some of the best stuff from the best sales blogs on the Web…

-Always the first to offer an edgy point of view, Dan Waldschmidt explains why being successful means running toward the hardest, most painful path.

– Alan Majer from The Science and Art of Selling highlights the importance of going back to basics, and shows you ten things you can (and should) do to sharpen your sales skills.

-Over at Fearless Selling, Kelley Robertson shows you 9 Easy Ways to Blow a Sales Opportunity. Go read his list, and make sure you aren’t doing the things on it.

-Finally, New Sales Coach Mike Weinberg explains why it’s critical to arm sales reps with case studies and success stories.

What sales blog (besides this one) have you been reading? If you know of a great sales blogger who should be featured in the next Sales Roundup, let us know either in the comments or by sending us an email.

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