Sales presentations: Don’t let your body language send the wrong message to buyers

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Whether making a full-dress presentation or simply having an informal meeting with a buyer, it’s easy to send the wrong message if we’re unaware of the role body language plays in communication. Here are three common mistakes that can undermine your message when you meet:

    1. Tension

Whether sitting or standing, your body should be loose and relaxed. Do not cross your arms or legs. Studies show people think you have something to hide.

    1. Bad posture

Slouching does not project confidence and determination. It’s like your body saying “whatever” in response to every question.

    1. Unnatural enthusiasm

When you agree with someone, a natural reaction is to nod. But go easy. A fast, repetitive nod implies that you’re nervous. A single slow nod suggests agreement without seeming like you’re too eager to please.


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