Are you reaching all the decision makers?

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One reason sales fail: The salesperson overlooked a key decision maker. It doesn’t matter how many people say “yes” if one major player nixes the sale.

Here are five ways you can be sure you have all the bases covered:

  1. Know the players, and start as high in the organization as you can. Get info from 10-Qs, websites or LinkedIn.
  2. Target positions that can make changes: the C-suite, VPs or directors. It’s likely they’ll be willing to listen to outsiders with a compelling message.
  3. Craft a brief message that deals with their most pressing concerns – using concepts and terms tailored to each player (e.g., maximizing revenue at minimum risk, or tapping global markets).
  4. Back up your claims with specifics about positive results you’ve achieved for other companies in their industry.
  5. Approach large prospects through multiple channels, not just your primary contact. One rep, for example, targeted the CEO of a large public company. Research showed it used the same law firm as his company. The rep asked the attorney for an introduction and got one.

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