Are your prospects naughty or nice?

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Not to sound like too much of a curmudgeon this time of year, but doesn’t it seem like Santa’s gone soft? I mean, when was the last time you heard of someone making the naughty list?

Kids today probably don’t even know what a lump of coal looks like. It doesn’t matter if they’ve been bad or good – they’re getting presents either way, for goodness’ sake.

Here’s what that means for Santa: a whole lot more miles on the sleigh and a much longer night. If Santa focused his efforts just on the kids who deserved his gifts, he could probably be home in time for Conan. The good kids would get more stuff. And maybe the bad ones would try harder next year.

So what about you?

You made a list, too. It’s called a prospecting list.

I would argue that too many salespeople make the same mistake as Santa. Everybody goes on the nice list. Salespeople bestow their gifts – their time, effort, knowledge, free lunches – to everyone. Whether they deserve it or not.

Non-qualified prospects – those who can’t buy, or will never buy, or will only buy a little – aren’t bad people, of course. But they may not be deserving of your efforts. If you quickly disqualify nonbuyers and redirect those efforts to the prospects who matter, you’ll get more sales and happier customers.

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