The price objection: Whose problem is it, anyway?

by on October 19, 2011 · 0 Comment POSTED IN: Top Sales Dog

We’ve all faced prospects who pride themselves on how hard they can squeeze their vendors. They’ll try all sorts of ploys to shake you up.

One of the trickiest: They try to make their problem your problem – with the only possible solution being a lower price.

For example, the buyer will tell you, “I’d love to buy from you. But I don’t have the money in my budget. If you could just lower your price…”

See what she just did? She made her budget your problem. But it isn’t.

If it were, you could do something about it. Like cut something else out of the budget instead. Or go to her boss and insist on more money. Or push some of the expense into next year’s budget. You can’t do any of those things, of course. Because it’s not your budget.

Sure, you could make her “problem” go away with a price cut. But all you really did was take it away from your buyer and make it your own. And don’t you have enough problems already?

photo credit: Craig Murphy

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