Negotiations: Prepare for the last-minute surprises

by on October 1, 2010 · 0 Comment POSTED IN: Top Sales Dog

So you thought the deal was done. And then your buyer clears his throat, shuffles his feet, and says, “There’s just one more thing.”

The bigger the stakes, the more likely there’ll be last-minute horse-trading involved. Expect it and prepare for it. Sales guru Mark Hunter shares these ideas to come out with a deal that works:

  • Always have something in your back pocket. Know at least five things to offer that the other person wants.
  • Call a time out. It’s a new negotiation, so you need to figure out your new bottom line before you negotiate.
  • Set limits. At the outset, state exactly what is up for discussion. That avoids wasting time and, more important, inadvertently negotiating things that don’t need to be discussed.
  • Never negotiate on price. Negotiate other items, such as technical performance or operational efficiencies, that provide the leverage you need to get the price you want.

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