Last-minute objections: A good signal that your prospect is ready to buy

by on September 7, 2010 · 0 Comment POSTED IN: Top Sales Dog

At the end of a lengthy selling cycle the prospect raises a litany of objections — one of them over price. What do you do?

An inexperienced salesperson might see the deal slipping away, panic and make a price concession, but that is a potentially fatal mistake, says sales consultant John Holland.

The reality is, a buyer sharing his risk concerns at the end of the cycle more likely means you are the vendor of choice. It’s time to stay calm. Since people only vent to those they trust, consider it as a sign you’re trusted.

Once you’ve discussed the issues, summarize the potential value, the shortcomings of their current solution, the capabilities needed, and the references you’ve provided. Then, stand firm on price and gently ask the buyer to move forward.

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