How do you add value?

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The motto is simple: “Add value, not cost. Sell value, not price.”

But how do you make added value more than a slogan? By what you, personally, bring to the mix. Assess yourself using these questions:

1. Am I making a difference, or just making sales?
You’re in business to make a difference, not just to make a deal. If you were replaced tomorrow by another salesperson – or an online form – what would change for your buyer?

2. Am I selling a product or a complete package?
Added-value selling is a three-dimensional solution: your product, your company and yourself.

If you only sell the product, you open the field to competitors. Companies bring value with their facilities, depth of resources, and commitments of management and people. You represent the most unique dimension of value.

3. Do I insist on a win-win solution every time?
When customers feel that they gave more than they got, they defect when the first opportunity presents itself. So the seller loses. Win-win is the only real foundation for long-term relationships.

4. What have I done to earn my buyer’s trust?
Customers may prefer brands, but they reserve loyalty for people. If two people trust each other, like each other, and want to do business with each other, they’ll work out the details.

Look for opportunities to demonstrate trustworthiness.

Source: Tom Reilly is the author of “Value-Added Selling” and eight other books. For more information, go to www.

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