Help buyers do the math

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The way business is going these days, you might think that the only key that works on a prospect’s calculator is the minus key. Their only reaction to proposals is to cut prices and eat away at margins.

The challenge for sales professionals is to get prospects to focus on value – and that brings into play the ability to do a lot of multiplication and long division.

Basic business math is often neglected, ranging from return on investment (ROI) to total cost of ownership (TCO) and tracking key performance indicators (KPIs).

Too many sellers don’t bring math skills to the table. To work with today’s numbers-obsessed buyers you need math skills of your own. It’s virtually impossible to shift a conversation from price to value without one.

You need math skills to:

  • justify your price
  • calculate ROI and TCO for the buyer, and
  • demonstrate the value of your solution.

Help prospects and customers do the math – via a calculator, spreadsheet and compelling business case. That means you need to be good at the number-crunching, since a savvy prospect is likely to question your answers and the method you use to arrive at them.

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