Five ways to conquer the ‘budget cuts’ sales objection

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The dreaded phrase, “Our budget’s been cut” is heard all too often lately. Here are five ideas from sales guru Andrew Sobel to help buyers tighten their belts – and still buy:

  1. Explore flexible contractual terms
    If it is a client you trust, look at invoicing and receiving payments on a flexible schedule.
  2. Offer discounts in exchange for something of value
    For example, ask if the buyer will agree to a contract extension or a faster turnaround on invoices.
  3. Help the buyer identify other budgets to fund your program.
    Chances are your project affects multiple functions or business units, so you might be able to get budget allocations from multiple sources.
  4. Restructure the project if you must.
    This can lead to a very fruitful dialogue about what is most important to the client.
  5. Reduce your cost of sales.
    Would your client work with you to be more efficient? For example, many clients already rely on remote teleconferencing to cut travel and meeting expenses.

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