Three ways to carve out more selling time

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Have you bought into the idea that you could get more done if you were better at “time management?” Don’t do that to yourself. It’s not about time, it’s about attention.

In fact, by getting ruthless about where you focus your attention, you’ll free up time and get more done. Here are three strategies to consider:

Schedule your attention. When you need to do call planning or business development, carve out a two-hour slice of time in your calendar and protect it. Tell co-workers and the receptionist you won’t be available. Uninterrupted time lets you focus attention and get more done.

Check in to iPhone rehab. Smartphones are deadly time wasters. For peak efficiency check your e-mail twice a day, block out time to return phone calls and manage customer expectations in this regard. Kick the habit unless you work in a truly time-sensitive business like the energy market or currency trading.

Find your peak performance periods. We all perform best at certain times of the day. Schedule your A priorities for when you are most productive. Defer the Bs and Cs for other times of the day.

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