Better isn’t good enough for the buyer

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I’m a buyer. You’re a seller. So tell me: Why should I buy from your company instead of your competitors?

Imagine Consulting, a sales consulting organization, asked more than 2,000 business owners and salespeople that question. Most answers sounded something like this:

  • We give better service.
  • Our clients get better results with us.
  • We know what we’re doing better than our competition does.
  • Our products and service are better.

These answers are all variations of the same value proposition: We’re better.

Here’s the problem: Nobody tells a buyer, “We’re worse than the competition.” Or even, “We’re just as good.” Everybody’s better.

That’s why better isn’t good enough. Even if it’s true, it all sounds the same to the buyer.

Here’s a far stronger value proposition: We’re unique. One of a kind. When they made us, they broke the mold.

And the most unique thing in any sale is YOU, the salesperson. Your industry knowledge. Your insight. Your ability to listen to your customer and understand their needs. Your personal commitment. Competitors may be able to match your product’s features. They may offer better prices. But nobody can be a better you than you.

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