Are you selling your customers a forest? Or a tree?

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You’ll be much more effective if you’re selling a tree. Let me explain.
Have you heard of the “Rule of One”? It’s the powerful and counter-intuitive fact that in human communication one point is better than two, or three or 10.

Advertising copywriters are taught that their messages will be more powerful if they make one point to one person. Direct mail experts will tell you that if you make an offer where a person has to decide between two options, you’ll get a lower response than if you gave only one option.

Next time you send an email, ask the recipient to do two things. Chances are they’ll do the first one but ignore the second.
These are all examples of the “The Rule of One” at work. People respond much better when you focus on one topic. The key to being an effective communicator is to pick the RIGHT one thing to talk about.

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