Are your sales efforts inviting objections?

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To reduce the number of objections you encounter, remember this ironclad rule: Talk only about what prospects or customers are interested in.

When you’re selling, there’s a powerful temptation to offer more and more: “If I can just add in a little more benefit, I can seal the deal,” the salesperson thinks.

In fact, when you move outside the customer’s interests, you’re inviting objections and giving the customer reasons to say no.

Increase their thirst
If you offer someone a drink of water when she doesn’t feel thirsty, she’ll decline. “But look,” you say. “It’s double filtered. And it’s less expensive than other brands!” Now will you get the sale?

Of course not. Your first job isn’t to promote the benefits of water. It’s to help prospects recognize their thirst.

When you encounter a need, encourage the customer to dwell on it. Use questions that enlarge the need and make it more urgent. For example: “How much downtime does that cause? How does this problem affect your competitive position? What would happen if you didn’t get this problem resolved?”

Recommend after questioning
Don’t solve too soon. Make this an unbendable rule and you will win more sales – and more praise from customers. A “pushy” salesperson is one who presents a product that a person doesn’t think they want or need. Asking the questions first eliminates that possibility.

In some cases, you’ll come up empty on needs. In those cases, don’t hesitate to let go. Why waste your time delivering a presentation that will only create objections?

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  1. January 21, 2011 - 2:36 pm

    Michael – you are right on target with this article! When ‘we’ (sales pros) focus on what’s in it for them? – and deliver a targeted, personalized presentation of our product or service, the prospect gets what they need and we don’t oversell and possibly bust the sale!

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