5 ways to make yourself more engaging

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We all know the importance of “active listening,” but a fully engaged conversation involves more than that.

Here are five ways you can take a sales conversation to the next level:

1. Maintain strong eye contact. Looking at a laptop screen or glancing around the room sends the wrong message. You want to remind the other party that they’re the most important thing in your world.

2. Use hand gestures to illustrate points, give emphasis or show your feelings. This makes you more engaging and adds energy to your words.

3. Exaggerate facial expressions slightly, and match them to your words. If you’re happy, smile. If you’re describing being surprised, appear shocked. Facial expressions add value to words.

4. Don’t rush. Remember that the other person is hearing what you say for the first time. Imagine you’re explaining something complicated. Use pauses for emphasis and to add drama.

5. Increase your vocal range. To improve your listener’s experience, make your voice move higher and lower, or louder and softer. Imagine you’re an actor on a stage and it will truly captivate your audience.

Source: Adapted from a blog posting by Neil Shorney, For more, visit www.tweakyourbiz.com

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