Why 80% of Sales Training Doesn’t Stick — And What You Can Do About It

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The #1 reason most sales team training fails

Each year companies spend about $2,000 per sales rep on training. Now, if reps assimilated anywhere near 100% of that learning and applied it on the job, those training dollars would be well spent. We all know that’s not happening. But why?

In 1885 psychologist Herman Ebbinghaus conducted a landmark study and coined the term “forgetting curve.” He found that when people are exposed to an idea one time, after 30 days they retain only about 20% of what they learned. That explains why so much training doesn’t stick, and why companies are throwing a staggering amount of money down the drain.

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The secret to sales training retention

Whether it’s learning how to sell, hit a golf ball or play the piano, learning works in a certain way. As training is received, the skill level improves, and the student scales the “learning curve.” For example, if an employee attends a two-day seminar given by a dynamic speaker, and learns new ways of cold calling, his performance will probably spike for a week or two. After a month, the excitement wears off, and so does his performance. Sound familiar?

But when sales training is reinforced — when the manager follows up to discuss progress, observe their technique and assess their skill levels, and revitalize their commitment — the employee’s competency level rises higher. And when the manager follows up again, there’s another spike in performance.

Numerous studies have shown that this type of “interval reinforcement” is the key to knowledge retention. If salespeople, either by themselves or with the help of a manager, repeatedly revisit what they learned in training, they eventually achieve permanent mastery of skills.

Find out more about the power of “interval reinforcement”. Download your free copy of Why 80% of Sales Training Doesn’t Stick and The Top 5 Skills Your Salespeople Must Master as part of a free trial to the Selling Essentials Rapid Learning Center.


Steve Meyer
Stephen Meyer
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