Upselling Without Fear: How to Get More From Almost Every Sale

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  • The two most common upselling mistakes sales people make
  • The exact moment during the sales cycle when it’s right to upsell
  • The #1 insight about upselling that star salespeople “get”
Upselling Without Fear

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The #1 reason sales people miss upselling opportunities

Every salesperson knows that at the moment customers buy, they’re inclined to trust you. The moment is ripe for an upsell, and missing that opportunity is leaving money on the table. And yet … sellers do it all the time. Why?

The answer is fear – fear of losing the original sale.

Many salespeople worry that upselling is a high-pressure tactic that will make them look greedy to customers.”

And you know what? That instinct is right on the money. After all, we’re not talking about a “you-want-fries-with-that” deal. Thousands of dollars are often involved. So you’re right to be cautious. If you handle it poorly, you run a huge risk of compromising trust and blowing the sale.

Get your free copy of Upselling Without Fear and discover how to avoid the critical upselling mistakes that can kill the sale.

Upselling mistake #1

It’s certainly appropriate to look for additional ways to help a customer. But by far the most common — and potentially deal-killing — mistake is going on a “fishing expedition” without being prepared and knowing more about what the customer really needs.

A quick example: Say a customer calls wanting 1,000 widgets right away, and the sales rep says, “Are you set on 1,000 units? If we can increase the size of the order to 5,000, you’ll get a better unit price.” That comes off as so greedy and self-centered that the customer is likely to resent it.

A smarter approach is revealed in Upselling Without Fear.

Upselling mistake #2

The second big upselling mistake is giving the buyer multiple alternatives before actually closing the initial sale.

Example: Say your widget buyer would benefit from pre-assembly service. If you bring that idea up before closing the initial sale you complicate matters. In fact, the buyer may now have to stall the sale and discuss the idea with his production team. Remember the first objective is to address the customer’s immediate needs and close the sale. Once the deal is secured, you can then explore other options without putting your sale at risk.

The upselling insight star sales people “get”

When upselling is handled the right way, it doesn’t come off as greedy. In fact, it makes you appear more valuable and caring – but it only works that way when you’re offering something that adds real value.

Star sales people “get” that, and do their homework upfront – asking questions or conducting their own research to map a strategy and plan in advance for an upsell when the timing is just right.

When you recognize that upselling the right way adds value, and helps build a solid relationship with customers, there’s no reason to shy away from it. In fact, it’s a great way to generate breakthrough sales performance without risk.

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Steve Meyer
Stephen Meyer
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