The Top 5 Skills Your Salespeople Must Master

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The truth about sales training

In most companies, Sales Managers are accountable for sales training. That makes sense. Sales Managers were promoted because they were top sellers and the company is betting they’ll be able to transfer their knowledge and skills to others. The goal, of course, is for each manager to build of team of salespeople who can produce similar top-level results.

Problem is, many sales managers struggle with talent development. For some, it’s because they lack experience at building training curricula, or at creating and delivering training content. And all managers, even those who are good trainers, are extremely busy. Their day-to-day activities focus on ringing the cash register.

Bottom line: Most managers do what people generally do when they’re assigned a task for which they lack the skill, the resources or the time to perform effectively. They push it down on their priority list and it doesn’t get done – or it gets done in a half-baked way.

Get instant access to “The Top 5 Skills Your Salespeople Must Master” and find out how even the busiest of Sales Managers find time for training their people.

Research tells us how to make sales training work

The solution to this problem can be found in recent research on adult learning. Cognitive psychologists have proven definitively that adults learn far better when training is delivered in small “chunks.” When you send your reps to a day-long sales training seminar, or bring in a high-powered sales trainer to teach them about consultative selling, you end up with what researchers call “cognitive overload.” Adults simply can’t process large amounts of new learning. As a result, they forget 80% or more of the content in just a few weeks.

But adults CAN absorb and retain narrowly defined learning concepts. There’s even more good news. “Chunking” doesn’t just benefit LEARNERS. It’s also a game changer for TRAINERS – that is, time-pressed sales managers. The “chunking” concept allows them to completely reframe their sales talent development role. They can say, “It’s not about coming up with a comprehensive sales training program, which I lack the time to develop and deliver. Instead, it’s about finding tools that help me teach one narrow concept at a time and achieve small victories. When I accumulate multiple small victories, I start achieving real success in my role as sales trainer.”

Details on “The Top 5 Skills Your Salespeople Must Master”

This collection of concise, highly-focused online sales training videos includes:

  1. Cold Calling: How to Nail the First 20 Seconds and Engage the Prospect – This 9-minute program explains: The #1 mistake that triggers a prospect’s “flight response,” guarantees rejection and fuels cold-call reluctance … Why cold calling is NOT a numbers game … The three parts of a rock-solid cold-calling script … And, why the best salespeople rarely feel the sting of rejection, even on the coldest of cold calls.
  2. Discovery: The Five Whys Technique to Uncover Hidden Customer Needs – This 8-minute program covers: The importance of Discovery in sales … How to navigate a “threaded conversation” that drills down to reveal deep customer needs … And, how the Five Whys help you turn more prospects into high-value customers.
  3. Presentation Disasters: How to Head Them Off Before They Happen – This 10-minute program explains: The critical misstep that can sabotage the best presentations … A different approach that gets buyers engaged and moves them toward a buying decision … The “Buffet” technique that allows buyers to design their own solution … And, a simple tactic to turn around a presentation that’s headed for the cliff.
  4. Price Objections: Four Secrets Prospects Will Never Tell You – This 7-minute program covers: Four secrets that buyers will never reveal to you because if they did, they’d lose the leverage they need to beat you up on price … The ONE factor in any sales negotiation that lowers the importance of price … And, the ONE quality that distinguishes good price negotiators from bad ones.
  5. Overcoming Purchase Anxiety: How to Close Buyers Who Just Can’t Decide – This 8-minute program explains: Four rules that will help you defuse your buyer’s purchase anxiety … Which questions are likely to INCREASE your buyer’s anxiety, and which DECREASE so you can get the sale back on track … And, the #1 pitfall to avoid when you’re facing a buyer with purchase anxiety.

Armed with these tools, sales managers see talent development as a manageable task that they have both the time and skill to accomplish, so training rises on their priority list. They start teaching people discrete concepts, one at a time. They see knowledge transfer happening. They see behavior changes. They see evidence of measurable results.

As sales managers accumulate more and more of these small victories, they build a core competency as sales talent developers – and that leads to more effective reps and improved sales results.

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Steve Meyer
Stephen Meyer
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