Time Management for Sales: The Golden Hours

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  • How to create a Time Optimization Plan that will help you manage your selling time more effectively, and
  • How to overcome the critical obstacle that keeps reps from maximizing their Golden Hours
Time Management for Sales: The Golden Hours

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Make the most of your sales prospecting time

Time is a scarce resource for your sales reps. They have quotas to hit and accounts to manage, which leaves limited time for prospecting.

So how do they find a balance? The answer lies not in working harder, but working smarter.

A study from MIT examined thousands of B-to-B sales calls in the hopes of determining the best time to make contact with a sales prospect. Conventional thinking would suggest that a sales rep’s best chance at getting through to a prospect would come around 9AM, just as the day was beginning, before meetings and other work can pull them away. Similarly, you might think that between 4 and 5 PM, as most people are trying to get out for the day, would be an ineffective time for calling. But the MIT study revealed something else.

Finding your Golden Hours for Sales Prospecting

Every rep has Golden Hours for prospecting – that is blocks of time where they’re most likely to reach someone. So how do you determine when your Golden Hours are? Well, you can start by making a Time Optimization Plan, or a TOP.

Create a spreadsheet to keep track of how many calls you make, and how many times you make contact in an hour. Use these numbers to calculate your contact rate for that hour. So if you make 10 sales calls in an hour, and you speak with your prospect on 2 of those, your contact rate would be 20%. Repeat this for every hour of your work day, and make a note of which hours have the highest contact rate. Those are your “Golden Hours”.

Access this video now and discover a new method for determining the best times to call sales prospects.

But that’s not the whole picture; those numbers only show you the Golden Hours for one day. Do this for every day of your work week, and you’ll have a much clearer picture of where your “Golden Hours” lay.

Ultimately, you’re TOP might end up looking a bit like a calendar, but it’s more than that. It’s a planning tool. Many other tasks will end up on your schedule every week. The TOP simply highlights the high-value hours so you can plan accordingly.

Protecting your sales prospecting hours

Once you’ve figured out you’re Golden Hours, it’s critical that you treat them like…well, gold. In order to get the most out of your Golden Hours, you must be absolutely ruthless with that time. Schedule no meetings, allow no interruptions, and permit no distractions during those Golden Hours. Remember, they’re a finite resource, and effective use of that time can spell the difference between mediocrity and sales success.

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