The Secret to Selling to CEOs

Access your free copy of this 9-minute sales training video now and show your reps what they can do to close more sales by getting time, attention and support when selling to senior executives. Discover:

  • Why approaches that work fine with many lower-level decision makers fail to capture the CEO’s attention
  • Three characteristics of CEOs that call for a completely different mindset
  • The secret great sales people know that virtually guarantees you’ll get any CEO’s attention.
The Secret to Selling to CEOs

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This free video provides valuable insight into what makes CEOs tick. You’ll discover what you should do to immediately engage them in your message so you don’t get pushed down to a lower level manager in the organization.

What it takes to sell to CEOs

Wouldn’t it be great if you had an “inside track” to the CEO at the next company you call on? You know the dramatic difference the CEO’s endorsement can make in opening relationships and closing sales. That’s why you’ve been trained to “sell high,” to aim for the top.

Trouble is, getting through to CEOs is tough, and once you do, salespeople face unique challenges when trying to win their confidence. C-level executives are quick to push you down to someone lower in the organization unless you grab their interest immediately.

Access your free copy of The Secret to Selling to CEOs now and find out what top sales professionals do to win the support of C-suite executives.

What makes a CEO tick?

Three key characteristics set CEOs apart from other executives and require a completely different approach to closing sales:

1. CEOs all have A.D.D. Not literally, of course, but smart sellers approach CEOs assuming they’re insanely energetic multi-taskers who function in hyperdrive. How can they find time for you when in a single day a CEO might sign off on a budget, interview a C-suite job candidate, visit a big customer to help close a sale, calm down a nervous investor and mediate a power struggle between two department heads? All mission-critical tasks that no one else can do, and that require exhaustive prep time. As a sales person, just getting on a CEO’s radar screen is murder. Once you’re there, holding a CEO’s attention is even tougher. You need an incredibly tight, focused message. One mistake and you’re toast.

2. CEOs face the highest risks. CEOs set the company strategy, which is really about how resources will be deployed. If they get the strategy wrong, expensive resources – including vendors like you – will be misallocated at a staggering financial and human cost to the company’s shareholders and employees. If you understand the risks CEOs face in general, and if you understand the SPECIFIC risks that your prospect CEO faces on the project you’re trying to sell, you vastly improve your chances of success.

3. The CEO is usually the ONLY person in the company whose job it is to think about the future. For most employees, it’s about living in the present, executing the CEO’s strategy. For CEOs, it’s about the big picture. It’s about the long-term.

A key insight about selling to senior executives

The key insight in this free report: Think “one topic.” And think “future consequences.” Because CEO’s are insanely busy, and because they have occupational ADD, you need a narrow, focused strategy.

Communications experts point to Bill Clinton’s 1992 campaign slogan – “It’s the economy, stupid,” as a classic example of how single-minded focus leads to success. His team picked the right topic – one the public was feeling great anxiety about – stuck to it, and won the election.

It’s the same for you when selling CEOs. Identify a focused storyline that taps into anxieties the CEO feels about the long-term health of his or her company, and hammer it with single-minded determination. Don’t let anything take you off message. Do that and you’ll win the CEO’s confidence every time.

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