The "Other" Referral: Why it’s Valuable, How to Get It, and What to Do with It

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The Other Referral: Why it’s Valuable, How to Get It, and What to Do with It

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The Critical Referral you AREN’T Getting

You’re probably already familiar with the act of getting referrals from your existing buyers. Your buyer is satisfied with your product or service, and is more than willing to give you contact information of others who might be able to get use out of what you sell.

But there’s ANOTHER referral that you aren’t getting from buyers. – one who could open doors to many more high-quality prospects and enhance your visibility and reputation among potential buyers.

Your buyer would be happy to give you that name, too. But you haven’t asked the right question yet.

The Other Referral: Who Your Buyer Listens To

So who are these “other” referrals? And why are they so valuable?

They may not look especially promising. They may not have much budget. They may not even have a need for what you sell. Yet they’re still extraordinarily important. In any market, there are a handful of people whose opinions really count. Most everyone in your industry knows who they are. These influencers have an endless list of connections and a level of authority that your potential prospects instantly respect. These key communicators are the second kind of referral you should try to get.

Odds are, your buyer isn’t intentionally holding back the name of this person. It’s just up to you to ask the right question to jog their memory.

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How to ask for the “other” referral

Getting the name of this influential person sounds easy, right? Just ask your customers whose opinion they respect.

Well, yes. But you must careful about HOW you ask. Here’s why:

When researchers asked doctors whose opinions carried a lot of weight, guess which name the doctors came up with most? Their own. In other words, just about everyone believed HE or SHE was a key influencer.

So first, acknowledge your buyer’s OWN influence. A good way to do that is to do to FIRST ask for direct referrals. That does more than turn up good leads; it also shows you consider your buyer a person who’s well connected and whose name would carry weight with his peers.

Next, follow up by asking for the “other” referral.

Maybe the “other” will be able to buy something from you or maybe she won’t. But either way, a conversation with the influencer is going to be extremely valuable. If you succeed in winning the influencer’s trust, you’ll instantly have an inside track on a long list of high-value prospects.

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