The Magic Question to Disqualify Non-Buyers

Stop your reps from wasting time chasing prospects who will never become paying customers. Access this video now and discover a tool you can use to help them quickly separate the buyers from the tire-kickers. You’ll learn:

  • The #1 mistake sellers make when qualifying prospects
  • The “Magic Question” that will quickly weed out non-buyers
  • Why the “Magic Question” evokes a psychological response that most reps never dreamed possible
  • Why this method eliminates the need to “close” prospects.
The Magic Question to Disqualify Non-Buyers

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More information for those who love the details …

Wouldn’t it be great if every lead your sales team followed up on really needed your product and was a genuine candidate to purchase it? Unfortunately, it’s not like that, is it? A key part of a sales person’s job is to qualify prospects – to figure out as quickly as possible which ones are worth pursuing and which aren’t.

How top sales professionals get it done

Sales superstars don’t waste their time on non-buyers. Nor do they rely on “gut feel” to eliminate “tire-kickers”. They have a process. They ask good questions and listen carefully to determine if the prospect is worth their time. And they ask the Magic Question.

The secret to how they get it done can be found in “The Magic Question to Disqualify Non-Buyers.” Instantly access this training video and find out what it takes become a more efficient and effective sales professional.

The biggest sales prospecting mistake average sales people make

Prospects don’t let you know up front if they’re a buyer or tire-kicker. The burden is on you to quickly determine 1) if a prospect needs, wants and can afford your product and 2) will buy it. The faster you do it, the more successful you’ll be.

But average sales pros often have a misguided goal for that first sales call. It’s a mistake that wastes time and more importantly lets real customers slip away.

Access this video now and find out how sales superstars eliminate non-buyers.

Two simple steps to weed out tire kickers

Before you ask the Magic Question you must take two preliminary steps. First, describe your product in detail and ask if the prospect is interested. That seems obvious. Next, ask a series of questions to uncover the customer’s “conditions of satisfaction.” The Magic Question to Disqualify Non-Buyers gives you a detailed look at what this means, what questions you must ask to learn the “conditions of satisfaction,” and how the Magic Question wraps up the process.

Access this training video now and learn the Magic Question that will get buyers to start selling YOU on why your product is the right one for them.

You don’t have to close a sale anymore

Serious prospects appreciate the no-nonsense approach of the Magic Question because it gives them the freedom to disqualify themselves throughout the sales process. As a result, the pressure that’s so often associated with “being closed” disappears. In fact, the Magic Question eliminates the need to “close” prospects at all. The “close” begins with your first questions and the buyers moves seamlessly from one phase of the sales to the next.

The Magic Question gives you a simple but proven system that quickly disqualifies non-buyers while “closing” sales prospects beginning with the first question. Access this training video now as part of your free trial to the Selling Essentials Rapid Learning Center.


Steve Meyer
Stephen Meyer
CEO/Director of Learning and Development, Rapid Learning Institute


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