GAPS: How to Gain When There’s No Pain

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  • An alternative to problem-based selling that gives you a way to connect with more prospects, and
  • a conversational road map that can lead to unexpected opportunities

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Pain-free selling

Many salespeople are like doctors. They’re good at finding the customer’s pain and providing a product or service to make that pain go away. But not every prospect has pain. Some may be perfectly happy with their current solution or vendor and others content enough and not looking to change.

Focusing on pain can paint you into a corner with these buyers. Either you have to give up on the sale, or somehow convince him that he really IS in pain and just doesn’t know it. And that turns YOU into a source of pain.

But even if you can’t find a buyer’s pain, you CAN often find their “preferred situation.”

All buyers have a Preferred Situation – even when they don’t feel “pain” or urgency to change. They may not have thought much about it or even know what it is, but just about any situation can be made at least a little better.

GAPS: Finding a buyer’s Preferred Situation

So how can you find a buyer’s Preferred Situation and use it to open new doors to opportunity?

By using a conversational technique called GAPS.

GAPS is a questioning technique that helps you find opportunities even when prospects aren’t feeling pain. It has three parts:

G – General information – much of which you can gather in advance of your meeting – gives you the “big picture” context you need to understand your customer’s situation

A – The Actual, or current situation. That’s where the buyer is right now. It’s the gateway to discovering the all-important…

…PS – Preferred Situation – which separates you from the pack by showing that you can guide the customer toward a brighter future.

GAPS can be a fairly involved process, taking multiple meetings to fully uncover your customer’s PS. But if it starts well and the customer sees you’re genuinely interested in helping them get there, they’ll gladly invest the time. It may not work every time, but in the right situation, it can open up new possibilities that problem-focused selling will miss.

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Steve Meyer
Stephen Meyer
CEO/Director of Learning and Development, The Rapid Learning Institute


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