Selling to the C-Suite Sales Training Series

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This training video series includes:

  • Reaching the C-Suite: The Down-Side-Up Approach
  • The Secret to Selling to CEOs
  • The Secret to Getting Past Gatekeepers

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More information for those who love the details …

Any sales professional who’s ever tried to win a meeting with a prospect CEO knows how incredibly difficult it can be. Frequently, you end up being shuffled off to a low-level manager who may or may not be a decision maker. It’s a frustrating experience, but when you understand what makes CEOs tick, you’re more likely to break through and deliver your message to the person you really need to reach.

Access this series of sales training videos as part of a 30-day trial to the Selling Essentials Rapid Learning Center

That’s why we put together this collection of sales training videos. These short training videos – each 8 to 10 minutes long – are designed to teach your sales team what it takes to get through to top executives and win their support. The kit includes:

Reaching the C-Suite: The Down-Side-Up Approach: The toughest buyer to reach is usually the one at the top – the CEO or other C-level buyer. In this Quick Take, you’ll learn the Down-Side-Up approach that can get you that meeting with the C-level buyer – even when your front-line buyer seems to be blocking the way. You’ll also learn how this approach can open up new sales opportunities throughout the organization, and what to say in the meeting that will make the C-level exec sit up and listen. (Length: 8:07)

The Secret to Selling CEOs: Presenting to CEOs is a challenge for even experienced sales professionals. CEOs speak a different language, think about business in a unique way and have very little time to deal with sales people who don’t instantly grab their attention. This Quick Take will uncover the secrets to winning the confidence of CEOs. You’ll learn what makes them tick, how to avoid the biggest mistakes that make them tune your out and techniques to earn their endorsement … and the sale. (Length: 9:27)

The Secret to Getting Past Gatekeepers: It would be nice if you could just pick up the phone or drop by an office and reach key decision makers at prospect companies. But that’s not the way it goes. More often than not, you find yourself dealing with a gatekeeper … someone who is very protective of the boss’s time and trained to screen out unwanted sales calls. Every once in a while you can use your charm to navigate your way past gatekeepers, but when faced with a real professional, friendly chit-chat and small talk won’t get you anywhere. This Quick Take will give you the insights you need to work through the most tenacious gatekeepers. You’ll learn the #1 mistake most sales people make when faced with gatekeepers, the one skill gatekeepers take the greatest pride in and the thing that gatekeepers fear most – and how to use it to your advantage. (Length: 8:43)

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