The Secret to Getting Past Gatekeepers

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  • The #1 skill gatekeepers take the most pride in
  • The biggest mistake sales people make when addressing gatekeepers
  • What gatekeepers are most afraid of, and how you can put that fear to good use
  • An approach that dramatically increases the chances you’ll reach your target
The Secret to Getting Past Gatekeepers

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The gatekeeper’s #1 skill

Most sales people are charming and have the “gift of gab.” But you already know that alone won’t get you past a really good gatekeeper. Pleasant small talk falls short because gatekeepers all know that one of their most important responsibilities is to keep “wannabees, low-value salespeople and losers away from their boss.”

Quality gatekeepers take great pride in their ability to distinguish who’s for real and who isn’t.

Because lots of very smart, aggressive people want to get through to see top executives, gatekeepers must possess the rare ability to separate the important from the unimportant. Otherwise they’d quickly be out of a job.

That’s why the most important thing you need to quickly communicate to a gatekeeper is that what you offer his or her boss has real substance. This one insight gives you an edge over dozens of other sales people who are trying to get through to decision makers.

Access The Secret to Getting Past Gatekeepers and learn the steps you can take to prove to the gatekeeper that your message has value.

The biggest mistake salespeople make

Many salespeople treat gatekeepers as little more than know-nothing roadblocks, to be brushed aside. Maybe that comes from a sense of ego or the idea that gatekeepers are “just secretaries” and not worth their time. Either way, that’s a deadly mistake.

Think about it this way: When it comes to this client, this executive, and this sales opportunity, that gatekeeper is a lot smarter than you are. We’re not talking about intellectual bandwidth. When it comes to “inside knowledge” relevant to THIS sale, gatekeepers have got it all. They know their company’s history, products, people and culture. They know how decisions get made. Most important, they know the needs of the boss they’ve been hired to protect.

When you treat gatekeepers respectfully, you can turn them into an ally who will help you get to their boss. But that can’t happen unless you change your mindset about gatekeepers and treat them as a strategic asset, not an impediment.

What gatekeepers fear most

The gatekeeper’s biggest fear is not letting someone unimportant slip past them and get through to the boss. It’s actually the direct opposite. Their greatest fear is blocking a truly important caller who could genuinely help the company, help their boss, and help them look like a hero. That’s an opportunity gone forever. That leads us to the most important strategy of all – engage the gatekeeper in a conversation that makes them feel important and gives them the ammunition they need to make your case for you.

In easy-to-follow examples, the Secret to Getting Past the Gatekeeper lays out a four-part strategy, including real-world scripts your sales team can use to get past the toughest gatekeepers. Access this video now.


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Stephen Meyer
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