Sales Presentation Disasters: How to Avoid the Mistakes That Kill Your Chances to Make a Sale

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  • The one critical misstep that can sabotage the best presentations
  • A different approach that engages buyers and moves them toward a buying decision
  • The “buffet” technique that lets buyers design their own solution
  • A simple tactic to turn around a presentation that’s headed off the cliff
Sales Presentation Disasters

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Strong sales presentation skills don’t always get the sale

Think about a top-notch sales presentation you’ve sat through as a buyer. It was probably fun to watch a master at work. But did it result in a sale? Researchers conducted experiments with groups of buyers and found something surprising:

The most skilled presenters were least likely to get the business.

Does that mean you should start giving lousy presentations? Hardly. A polished presentation helps, but entertainment value is not nearly as important as engaging your prospect.

That’s the critical misstep to avoid when making a presentation, thinking it’s about dazzling prospects by putting on the best show. Your purpose is to move prospects toward a decision. It’s not a show; it’s work.

Salespeople fall into the entertainment trap because they like being the star. It makes them feel powerful and in control. But an effective presentation puts the buyer in the spotlight, not the seller. Sales presentation training can help.

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Sales presentation tip: Think facilitator, not entertainer

When you approach a sales presentation as a facilitator, it changes everything. It’s no longer about you selling your ideas. It’s all about helping the customer arrive at a decision – with you providing direction.

As a facilitator, you’re still in control. But you’re guiding prospects and helping them arrive at their own conclusion. One that they own.

This report gives you a collection of the sales presentation tips (including a powerful three-part plan) that can help reps energize just about any presentation. This proven approach invites the prospect to react, and to expand on their needs and your alternative solutions. That makes your presentation – and your offering – much more valuable to them. It shows you are on their side, and not just there to “make a sale.”

It’s all about involvement

When you get customers to roll up their sleeves and pitch in:

  • They have a stake in the outcome, because they helped create it
  • You get at all the issues, even if you weren’t smart enough to figure them out ahead of time
  • You win over naysayers, because they have a chance to be heard
  • You’re unlikely to go down the wrong path, because customers will give you feedback at every step
  • You understand your customer, and your customer feels understood

Find out more about preventing presentation disasters by claiming your free report now. In easy-to-follow examples, the free report lays out the essential ingredients of a solid presentation that can survive everything from interruptions to technical glitches. It’s a great way to improve the sales presentation skills of every rep on your team.

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Stephen Meyer
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