Sales Discovery: The Five Whys Technique for Uncovering Hidden Customer Needs

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Sales Discovery: The Five Whys Technique

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Sales Discovery: Uncovering your buyer’s real needs

Finding out what buyers need sounds easy enough. You ask a question and they tell you what their problem is? But it’s never that simple. Getting prospects to open up to you can seem impossible. Their defenses are up. They have other priorities they want to get back to and they have no motivation to spend their valuable time with you. Good discovery requires a specific skill. Sales people who fail to master this skill are doomed to a career of missed opportunity. Those who “get it” quickly make their way to the top and stay there.

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The Five Whys Technique

In complex sales, it’s impossible to effectively “map” buyers’ needs to your potential solutions unless you really understand their “pain.” But prospects aren’t always thinking about what ails them. You need to remind them of where it hurts.

The Five Whys interviewing technique assumes that to find the truth, you need to ask a “why?” question about five times. The secret to making it work is using a “threaded conversation” which helps prospects dive deeper and deeper into their needs until you’ve found their real pain points in their business.

A non-sales example might go something like this:

On the factory floor, a vital machine has stopped completely.

  1. Why did that machine suddenly stop? Because a fuse blew.
  2. Why did a fuse blow? Because the fuse wasn’t the right size.
  3. Why wasn’t the fuse the right size? One of our engineers put in the wrong one.
  4. Why did the engineer put in the wrong fuse? Because somebody in the supply room gave him the wrong one.
  5. Why did the supply room give him the wrong fuse? Because the stock bin for fuses was mislabeled.

AHA! It took five “whys” to drill down and find the real reason the machine stopped – because somebody mislabeled a bin.

Was the person trying to hide the truth? Maybe. But more likely they simply weren’t focused on WHY the machine stopped or WHY the fuse blew. When you’re questioning prospects, they’ll almost never cut right to a need that you can meet. Your questions have to help them connect the dots.

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This training video will show you how to navigate a threaded conversation and become a master of sales discovery. You’ll learn how to uncover problems your customers might hesitate to reveal, are vaguely aware of but feel no urgency to address or aren’t aware of at all.


Steve Meyer
Stephen Meyer
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