Referrals: Using Linkedin to Generate High-Quality Sales Leads

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  • Why this technique works for even the most basic Linkedin users, and why it’s more effective than traditional referrals

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By now, most of you are probably familiar with Linkedin. It’s the 13th most-visited Web site in the world, according to Google. With over 120 million users and counting, it promises to be a game-changing tool for sales professionals.

The problem with traditional referrals

Under normal circumstances, a request for a referral goes like this:

YOU: Will you give me a referral?

BUYER: Sure, no problem.

YOU: Can you think of anyone who has a need for our product?

BUYER: Well, no one comes to mind right now. But if I think of anyone, I’ll be sure to let you know…

Of course, your buyer isn’t likely to think of anyone later. Soon she’ll be caught up in her day-to-day work and your request will fall to the bottom of her to-do list. The problem with this method is it makes the buyer do all the work. The buyer has to mentally sift through her list of contacts and quickly assess whether or not any of those people are a good fit for you.

And here’s the frustrating part. Your buyer does know some good prospects. But she doesn’t know she knows. And you don’t realize it either, so a referral opportunity is lost.

Access this free video now and learn an easier, more effective way of getting referrals from buyers, using a tool you probably already have.

How Linkedin can help generate referrals

So what’s a sales professional to do? Well, it turns out Linkedin can be a powerful tool for introducing sales reps to new opportunities.

Start out by inviting your prospect to connect with you. When your prospect accepts, you’ll be able to view her contacts.

Here’s the hard part. Look through your prospect’s list of connections, looking for people who might be a good fit with his products and services. Examine their titles, their companies, and their geographic location – and narrow the list down to a half dozen or so high-potential prospects. It takes a while – but if it leads to a new account, the payoff could be huge. From there, ask your prospect if she would mind introducing you to one of the people you identified among her Linkedin connections.

Now, LinkedIn isn’t a magic bullet. It still takes a lot of digging and preparation to make referrals happen. But it puts you in control of the referral process – and increases the odds that you’ll get a highly targeted referral instead of a vague promise to “try to think of someone.”

You can get started with this technique right now. Pick a customer – new, old, somewhere in between – and invite him or her to connect with you on LinkedIn. Or if they’re already connected, start exploring their network and see where it leads you.

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Steve Meyer
Stephen J. Meyer
CEO/Director of Learning and Development, The Rapid Learning Institute


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