Reaching the C-Suite: The Down Side Up Approach

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Why most salespeople never make it to the C-Suite

Any sales professional who’s ever tried to get a meeting with a company CEO knows how incredibly difficult it can be. More often then not, a lower-level manager or gatekeeper blocks the path. “Tell me about your product and I’ll pass on the information,” they say. “I’ll get back to you if we’re interested in moving forward.”

Can you blame them? Absolutely not. They’re doing their job, which, in part, is to sort out good information from bad and protect the CEO’s time. They deny you access to the C-suite because you haven’t earned it. You simply haven’t convinced them that your message needs to move up the chain of command for consideration.

Luckily, there’s a three-step procedure known as the Down Side Up Approach you can use to intrigue the buyer enough to grant you an audience with the CEO.

Access this free video now and learn a different, more effective way of getting the CEO’s attention.

Selling Down: The most effective means of reaching the C-Suite

As its name suggests, the first step in the Down Side Up Approach to reaching the C-Suite is to sell down. After getting blocked on your way to the top of the organization, reach out in the other direction, to the people directly tied to your front-line buyer. These could be direct reports that understand the potential impact your product has, or perhaps they’re influencers who have the ear of your buyer and can shape their opinion.

The purpose of meeting with these lower-level targets? Research. In talking with direct reports and influencers, your goal is to learn more about the challenges they face working with the current solution, and then get buy-in for what you’re offering.

Next, move sideways. Reach out to your front-line buyer’s peers and colleagues. These people will be able to tell you more about the impact your sale would have on their departments, thereby giving you critical information you’re going to need to sell this to the CEO. As a bonus, talking to these people can set you up with great referrals later on.

Earn your chance to sell to the C-Suite

Once you’ve gone to the buyer’s direct reports, peers and colleagues, then and only then should you return to the buyer. Take everything you’ve learned from selling down and sideways and present it to your buyer; end that presentation with a request to meet with the CEO. By now, you’ve done your homework, spent countless hours with the company learning about their business, and have earned the opportunity to present your findings to the CEO.

Of course, your path to the C-Suite will vary with every organization. But regardless of the twists and turns, the point is that the more time you invest, the more insight you’ll gain into your customer. And the more insight you have, the more prepared you’ll be for a C-level discussion that will crack open a sale.

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Steve Meyer
Stephen J. Meyer
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