Overcoming Purchase Anxiety: How to Close Buyers Who Just Can’t Make a Decision

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  • Four rules that will help you defuse your buyer’s purchase anxiety
  • Which questions are likely to INCREASE your buyer’s anxiety, and which will DECREASE anxiety and get these sales back on track.
  • The number-one pitfall to avoid when you’re facing a buyer with purchase anxiety.

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Why buyers hesitate

Sometimes buyers hesitate because you really DID overlook something in the sales discovery process. And, yes, some buyers will play hardball just to wring a concession from you.

But sometimes you’ve done everything right and buyers are simply afraid to take that final step. That kind of hesitation is known as “purchase anxiety.” This report zeroes in on how to tackle this common challenge and move nervous buyers through the close.

Rule #1: Don’t ask buyers to explain

It’s tempting to say to nervous buyers, “Tell me why you’re hesitating. What’s keeping you from saying yes?”

That sounds like a perfectly reasonable question. But it’s not going to get the buyer any closer to a decision. Why? Because buyers often don’t know why they’re hesitating and the question makes them even more anxious.

That why the first rule for dealing with purchase anxiety is, “Don’t ask buyers to explain their anxiety.” What should you do instead? Just sit there. Here’s why: emotions are contagious. You catch them from other people. So project a sense of calm and your anxious buyer will begin to relax. Don’t ask for reasons why. Just nod to show you’re processing what the buyer is saying and give them some breathing room.

Access this training video now and learn more about how to close buyers without applying additional pressure

Rule #2: Remain calm

That’s harder than it seems, of course. Because emotional contagion cuts both ways. When your buyer is anxious, you probably start to feel worried yourself. “Oh no,” you think. “After all that work, she’s not going to buy! She’s so close – she just needs a little nudge.” The buyer, in turn, picks up on your anxiety and the cycle escalates.

In fact, that’s the number-one pitfall to watch out for when you face a buyer with purchase anxiety:

Don’t catch what the buyer has. You have to manage your own anxiety before you can manage the buyer’s.”

With this free guide you can learn more about how keeping your anxiety in check can help hesitant buyers close the deal.

Rule #3: Normalize the feelings

Next, normalize the feelings. Help the buyer recognize that anxiety is simply a normal part of the decision-making process. You might say something like this: “Of course this is a big decision. It’s perfectly normal that you’d feel some anxiety. In fact, I’d be a little concerned if you didn’t have some butterflies…”

When you normalize the buyer’s anxiety, you prevent it from escalating.”

You help your customer regain a sense of control. “Nothing’s wrong with the deal,” they think. “This is just a natural reaction.”

This approach won’t get every buyer off the fence, of course. Some people are just incapable of making a decision. But when you can defuse a buyer’s purchase anxiety, you’ll close more sales, and close them sooner.

Find out more about how to convert hesitant prospects into sales. Access “Overcoming Purchase Anxiety: How to Close Buyers Who Just Can’t Make a Decision” now as part of a free trial to the Selling Essentials Rapid Learning Center.


Steve Meyer
Stephen Meyer
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