How to Overcome "The Stall": Selling Techniques That Work

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How to Overcome

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What is a stall?

A stall is ANY response from a prospect that stops your sale from moving forward. Some common stalls are:

  • “Let me think it over.”
  • “I’ve got to run it by my boss”
  • “Let me kick it around and I’ll get back to you.”

Why do we let prospects stall us?

Stalled sales happen for several reasons:

  1. We don’t like hearing the word no so we let the prospect delay a decision.
  2. We want to avoid confrontation or are afraid to be pushy, and
  3. Because we sometimes don’t REALIZE we’re being stalled.

What does a stall mean?

It could indicate that the prospect:

  1. Has no interest and it’s easier for him to say, “Let me think about it” than “I don’t want your product.”
  2. Isn’t yet sure whether he wants your product.
  3. Does want your product but needs to get buy-in from his team or approval from his boss.
  4. Has some hidden reason — such as risk aversion or fear of change — that’s preventing him from going forward.

The Two Rules of Stalls

The first rule of stalls is, “Stalls are sending you, the seller, a message.” And the second rule is, “You will never make the sale unless you figure out — faster than your rivals! — what that message is.”

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A common stall scenario

Let’s analyze a common stall statement, “I’m very impressed with what you have to offer … but I’ll need to run it by my boss.”

The key word of course is “but.” A stall is a decision not to make a decision. “But” is the vehicle that sends that message loud and clear to a salesperson who’s paying attention. Star salespeople will not leave the prospect’s office until they know WHY the prospect is unable to make a decision.

In “How to Overcome the Stall” you’ll discover a three-step questioning technique that will help you get the answer. Using this approach you’ll quickly be able to access the prospects interest level, determine which prospects are really worth pursuing and figure out what you need to do to turn a maybe into a yes. Access your free video now for the details.

The key selling technique to overcoming the stall

Getting potential buyers past the stall often requires that you lead them through a process of self-discovery. Many times that means reminding them of pain they already have. Remember, prospect may be fully aware that they have a problem – which you’d like to help them fix – but they just aren’t thinking about it.

The techniques discovered in “How to Overcome the Stall” will show you how to bring the buyers pain to the surface … in a way that isn’t confrontational or threatening.

You’ll find a collection of actionable ideas in this free report… ideas you can try with your next stalled prospect. It’s worked for thousands of other great sellers, and it can work for you.

Access the free video “How to Overcome the Stall” and learn what you can do to turn stalled prospects into engaged buyers who are eager to close the deal.


Steve Meyer
Stephen Meyer
CEO/Director of Learning and Development, The Rapid Learning Institute


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