Hiring Salespeople: How to Smoke Out Impostors Who Will Get Mediocre Results

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Hiring Salespeople: How to Smoke Out Impostors Who Will Get Mediocre Results

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Why hiring good sales people is so tricky

Of all job candidates your company evaluates, sales candidates are among the most difficult. Sellers usually have the best presentation skills, and know exactly what buttons to push.

But the cost of a bad sales hire is huge. The hard losses are obvious: your time, lost sales, damage to your company’s reputation, etc. But also at risk is your credibility as a sales leader. When you repeatedly bring in the wrong people, your boss and sales reps will begin to question your ability to effectively lead the team.

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The truth about interviewing salespeople

Impostors aren’t always rotten people. Many are solid citizens with a sincere desire to succeed on the job. Unfortunately, they lack self-knowledge and misrepresent themselves during the interview process. That’s where the trouble begins.

Let’s say your top salesperson abruptly resigned and you need to replace her immediately. The other reps are all pitching in but this is a serious crisis. A lot of revenue is at stake.

You’ve held several interviews to date, all disappointments. And then you finally get a resume that looks good. What’s the biggest danger you face as a hiring manager? Is it that you lack the skills to interview? Is it that the resume looks too good to be true?

Your greatest danger is that your impatience could rush you into a bad decision. A heightened sense of urgency can make you feel you must hire someone to fill the sales job right now.

Hiring the best sales people requires preparation

One common mistake that allows inadequate sales performers to get through your filter is failing to define the exact outcomes you want from the position. Impostors who claim to be great sellers are delighted when you frame the job in terms of inputs like years of experience or knowledge of an industry. They can usually tell a good story about such general requirements.

But Impostors are stumped when you define the job in terms of outcomes. Real sales professionals, on the other hand, are eager to tell you all about sales success stories, the challenges they faced and exactly how they overcame them to close the deal.

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Focusing on specifics is the key to identifying and hiring top sellers

When you ask general questions about basic sales topics, you give pretenders a chance to shine. Consider this example:

You start an interview by saying, “So talk to me about your experience with cold calling.” Any candidate with half a brain will give an answer like, “To me, the key is overcoming call reluctance. You get rejected a lot in this kind of job. You just have to get past it and make your calls. Persistence is my secret weapon.”

After a few more general questions like this, you’re thinking that this candidate seems polished and he knows the right answers. But you really haven’t learned anything.

But what if you asked, “So, how many cold calls do you make a week in your current job? How many of those actually engage in a lengthy qualifying conversation on the phone? How many agree to an appointment? How many converted? Do you mind if we do a role-play exercise so you can show me how you handle a cold call scenario?”

Serious candidates will give you answers that make sense. Their numbers will be in a ballpark that sounds reasonable and they’ll be eager to demonstrate their skills during your role-play. Impostors will crumble.

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Steve Meyer
Stephen Meyer
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