Help Prospects Get the Internal Buy-in They Need to Close the Deal

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  • How to influence the buying decision – even when you’ve been locked out of the process, and
  • The key question you must ask when the buyer says, “I’ll have to talk this over with the team”
Help Prospects Get the Internal Buy-in They Need to Close the Deal

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The worst thing you can hear when closing a sale

Few things are more frustrating to a sales rep than being on the brink of closing a sale, only to have the buyer say, “I need to review your proposal with the management team. I’ll let you know what we decide”.

Suddenly a sale that looks to be all but done comes to a screeching halt. You might try to squeeze your way into that meeting, in the hopes of being able to keep the sale on track, but that’s unlikely to happen.

Let’s face it: You can’t force your way into a closed-door meeting if the buyer doesn’t want you there. The harder you push, the more the buyer’s defenses go up. And before you know it, you’ve gone from trusted advisor to pushy salesperson.

But even if you’re locked out of that meeting, you can still have a powerful influence over what happens during the discussion. And you can do it without stepping out of your role as the buyer’s advisor.

Gaining internal buy-in starts with the prospect

It all starts with one question – the key question you must ask when the buyer says, “I’ll have to discuss it with the team.”

Your response: “Of course. But tell me … do you want this sale to go forward?”

That’s the key question. And you need to hear a strong yes or your sale won’t stand a chance. If the buyer is anything less than 100 percent behind the sale, you need revisit your value proposition and gain total commitment before he or she takes it to the team.

Once you’ve secured that definitive ‘yes’, get the buyer to walk you through the decision-making process. Identify and address potential objections that might come up as they present your proposal to their management team. Your goal: Develop a list of responses to any objections that might sink the sale. Questions worth asking:

  • How does the process go? Does the team usually come to a decision pretty quickly?
  • What about your CEO? Will he/she make the final call or leave it up to you?
  • What are some likely reasons the decision might be delayed?

Working through this process with your buyer won’t guarantee a sale, of course. The meeting may still go the wrong way. But you’ve done everything you can to anticipate objections and influence the outcome – even though you’re locked out of the meeting.

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Steve Meyer
Stephen Meyer
CEO/Director of Learning and Development, The Rapid Learning Institute


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