Connecting with Buyers: Sell More by Selling Less

Access this 9-minute training video now and give your team four killer sales techniques to help them uncover the buyer’s true pain, present a targeted solution, and close more sales. You will learn:

  • Why too many benefits can reduce the chances of getting the sale
  • Why selling a tree, not a forest, will lead to more sales
  • The 4 rules of selling more by selling less
  • A critical mistake that causes sales conversations to jump the tracks
Connecting with Buyers: Sell More by Selling Less

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As salespeople, we’re always looking for ways to deliver more value. But in many cases, you can sell more by selling less.

Selling a tree, not the forest

Buyers know you probably have a “forest” of potential solutions to offer – but they are only interested in a single “tree.” They want that one solution that solves their particular problem now. They want that one perfect “tree.” For a buyer, the rest of the “forest” is just distraction.

Mediocre sales people try to sell a buyer every product in their catalogue. But savvy sales pros add customer value by helping buyers sift through their options and find the one that fits best. They do it by understanding the buyer’s situation, identifying critical needs, and offering focused solutions to address those needs.

Help your buyers find that one perfect tree. Access this video now and discover the four essential sales techniques that help your team find and successfully address your prospect’s critical need.

“Let me know what you like”

Ineffective sales people ask buyers to do the work. By blasting prospects with every product, feature and benefit under the sun they’re saying: “Let me throw a bunch of things at you, and you decide what’s best.”

But buyers aren’t interested in everything you’re selling and they don’t want to work hard to figure out what will work best. They are extremely interested in ONE specific thing. They want a solution to their business pain – and it’s YOUR job to figure out what that is.

Check out this video today and learn how to quickly discover their pain point and meet their needs with your one specific solution.

Stick with their pain

After you’ve found the buyer’s pain, its tempting to offer 3, 4, 5 solutions. But customers get distracted easily, quickly lose touch with their primary pain, and you lose the sale. That’s a critical mistake that can make a sales conversation jump the tracks – moving away from the buyer’s pain too quickly.

Don’t let your pitch jump the tracks. Learn how to keep customers in touch with their pain and focused on their solution.

Selling less delivers more value. By finding the buyer’s pain and solving their problem, you giving them exactly what they want. You’re respecting their time and solving a major problem. If you follow this approach consistently, you get more, too: more appointments, more customers, and more sales.

Get access to “Connecting with Buyers: Sell More by Selling Less” and get free access to a library of training resources to sharpen critical selling skills.


Steve Meyer
Stephen Meyer
CEO/Director of Learning and Development, The Rapid Learning Institute


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