Cold Calling: How to Nail the First 20 Seconds and Engage the Prospect

Access this 9-minute video now and discover a resource you can use to train your sales team to master the first 20 seconds of every cold call to engage more prospects and win more business. Your team will learn:

  • The #1 mistake that guarantees prospect rejection and fuels cold-call reluctance
  • Why cold calling is NOT a numbers game
  • The three parts of a rock-solid cold-calling script (and yes, you absolutely need one)
  • And why the best salespeople rarely feel the sting of rejection, even on the coldest of cold calls
Cold Calling: How to Nail the First 20 Seconds

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Cold-call reluctance plagues many salespeople

Why do so many sales professionals drag their feet when it comes to cold calling? They realize prospecting is essential to keeping their sales funnels full but they always find reasons to move this critical task to the bottom of their “to-do” lists.

To make matters worse, cold-call reluctance is a problem that snowballs on itself. Those who resist cold calling never really get good at it. And when they do try, they get rejected and become demoralized. That leads to more frustration and even greater cold call reluctance – and that can cripple their careers.

The good news is that there’s a right way to cold call that dramatically reduces the likelihood that you’ll be rejected — which means you’ll make more calls, keep the sales funnel full, and close more deals.

Access Cold Calling: Nail the First 20 Seconds and Engage the Prospect and give your sales team a tool they can use to transform their approach to cold-calling forever.

THE mistake that kills a cold call

What’s the #1 mistake salespeople make when they cold call? They spend the first part of the call talking about their products and their company. When they do that, they’re making the call about “me, me, me” — and that results in instant buyer rejection.

Sounds like a “rookie” mistake, right? Wrong. Even experience sellers fall into this trap because they forget that prospects are interested in their own needs – and don’t really care about the product or service being pitched.

Cold calling is not simply a numbers game
“Dialing for dollars” to “anonymous” names is seldom an effective strategy. With only 20 seconds to engage the prospect your team must approach a cold call with laser focus and immediately know the key questions to ask – and that requires homework. Intelligent questions about the prospect’s problems go a long way to getting them engaged. But it requires in-depth information about key facets of their business. The “Cold Calling” video tells you why strong prospect research is so critical and provides guidance on how to get started in the right direction.

A good cold calling script is essential
Cold calling success requires a rock-solid script. But sales people often say they don’t like using a script because it “ties them down.” But as a sales leader, you know a script is vital to delivering a message that gets prospects to drop their defenses and engage in the call. You also know that a good script is tough to write and takes a lot of time to get just right. Your free guide to cold calling can help.

In easy-to-follow examples, this free video lays out the three components necessary to a killer cold calling script. Get access now.

Disarm sales prospects with your cold call opening

When confronted with a cold call, prospects are just looking for a reason to say “no” and hang up. But do you know that there’s one little word your team can use in their cold calling pitch that disarms the prospect in the first 20 seconds? This little word says you’re not trying to “sell” me. You’re just trying to figure out if we have anything to talk about.

Find out what this word is and lower your prospect’s resistance almost instantly. Access this video now and learn how to incorporate this “magic word” into every cold calling script.


Steve Meyer
Stephen Meyer
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