Avoiding the "Yes Trap": Building Trust with Prospects and Customers; A Sales Training Video

Check out this free 8-minute sales training video and find out why saying “yes” to customers and prospects can undermine your credibility and cost you sales – and why telling them “no” can actually build trust and win you more business.

This program is perfect for sharing with your entire sales team. It explains a counterintuitive technique that quickly gains prospect’ confidence.

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A salesperson’s most valuable asset

The most valuable asset you have as a salesperson is credibility. You can offer the best value, the lowest price, and world-class service. None of it matters unless you first earn your prospect’s trust. But trust takes time – time you don’t always have, especially when you’re selling to new prospects. They don’t know you – and they’re worried that they’ll get taken advantage of.

The salesperson that can most quickly prove his or her trustworthiness gains a huge advantage over competitors.

In this sales training video, you’ll learn about the “Yes Trap” – a critical pitfall that undermines buyer confidence. You’ll see why the “Yes Trap” trips up so many salespeople. And we’ll show you how to turn it around, with a simple but counterintuitive technique that can instantly build trust and credibility.

What is the “Yes Trap”

Sales professionals who promise to deliver every product or service the customer needs have fallen into the “yes trap.” An example: “Yes, we handle inventory management. Yes, we can take care of your fleet management. Yes, we can handle shipping. We’re great at it all.”

Fact is, this approach crushes your credibility and leaves customers and prospects wondering, “Is this company really good at anything?”

So why do even experienced sales professionals fall into the “yes trap?” Because good sales people are optimistic and solution-oriented. When presented with an opportunity to satisfy a customer’s needs, their natural instinct is to say “yes” and figure out the details later. The “Avoiding the Yes Trap” sales training video will show sales reps how to avoid this dangerous behavior and what they can do to keep the sale focused on the value proposition that matters most to the customer.

Don’t say “yes” to everything

Buyers expect salespeople to say “yes” to their requests. They know you’re trying to win their business and that you’ll do everything you can to meet their needs. When you sell against that expectation, you stand out from the competition and win big points for honesty. And that’s what buyers want most: a vendor they can trust. ”Avoiding the Yes Trap” explains when you should say “yes,” and when you should say “no.” The key: Finding out who the real decision maker is and doing your homework to uncover what really matters most to them.

Your free sales training video will give you the details on how to identify the critical intersection between what you do well and what’s most important to your customer. You’ll also learn how to SAFELY admit your limitations – even if a customer doesn’t ask.

The bottom line

When you’re prepared, you can gain credibility by admitting your weaknesses in non-critical areas. It communicates two things: One, it shows that you’re highly focused on the most important issues. And two, you can be counted on to tell customers the truth. And that’s a good day’s work in sales.

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Steve Meyer
Stephen Meyer
CEO/Director of Learning and Development, The Rapid Learning Institute


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