What is cold calling?

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Cold calling sales is not a one size fits all presentation

You’ve developed a basic cold calling presentation that’s so smooth it comes out like liquid gold. In fact, you think it’s so good you use it on all your prospects. So what’s the problem? Your approach works fine – but only 30% to 60% of the time. In short, your one-size-fits-all technique doesn’t click with anywhere from 40% to 70% of prospects. But you can boost your percentages by tapping the power of three.

Create at least three cold calling approaches in each of three vital presentation parts


Decide first how you should come across to prospects when you are cold calling.
The choices:

  1. The attentive but relaxed you that says, “I’m ready to meet your needs but I’ll keep the process informal.”
  2. A vigorous, professional and agreeable you that signals, “You’ll find me energetic and easy to work with – and I’ll stick strictly to the business at hand.”
  3. The forceful, frank, personal you that says, “I’m no sales robot. I’ll be candid with you and I’ll treat you as an individual with individual needs.”


Just as you’ll pick a demeanor that you think will work best with a prospect, you should also vary your message content to fit the situation when cold calling.
There are three possibilities:

  1. Stress the technical aspects when you surmise prospects will react favorably to your product’s technological uniqueness. Stick to businesslike terms and talk about cost savings and even taxes if they apply. Example: “The welding machines you bought three years ago are outdated. You need to replace them with the Dynamo 3700 that can provide drawn arc stud welding to produce welds in as little as six-hundredths of a second for base metals 1.2mm or thicker. That’s 20% faster than you can do it now, and you’ll cut your labor costs by 25%.”
  2. Moderate the technical aspects and combine them with an appeal to their emotions. Example: “The wider screen with higher resolution is available only with our model. When you choose the Puppet X3, you’ll be pleased with the increased profits that a more efficient and happier workforce will bring your company.”
  3. Appeal directly to their emotions with just a dash of technical detail. Example: “Management will applaud your decision because these trucks need less maintenance and get 35 mpg.”

The cold calling content approaches apply to what you say. But you also need variety in how you say it so you can quickly adapt to any situation.

  • Keep it lighthearted, even humorous with prospects that you know prefer an informal approach and dislike an all-business manner. Don’t use humor if you’re not comfortable with it and use it only to aid the sale. Example: “I want to be sure I cover all the benefits this new version will provide. Otherwise, I’ll probably end up as a contestant on a TV show called ‘My Greatest Mistake.’”
  • Switch to an amiable, straightforward approach with any crabby customers you already serve and first-time prospects. Example: “Good morning. Thanks for seeing me. I just want to ask some questions. Are you satisfied with the speed of your present model? Do your employees have any problems with the control-panel location?”
  • Use concise language and crank up your presentation speed when you face a high-pressure situation, such as an impatient prospect who wants only the facts and wants them fast. That means no jokes, no fancy phrases and no perplexing technical details. Example: “Your profit margin depends heavily on one machine, so durability is vital. When you own the Velocipede and you’re relying on it, you’ll find that durability is just one of its qualities that will please you greatly.”

Additional points:
Keep in mind that you can add even more variety to your cold calling presentation by saying it fast, at medium speed or slowly or by speaking loudly, in normal tones or softly. You can also improve results by always thinking in threes – three chances at every sales opportunity, three ways to solve prospects problems, three paths to sales success.

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