Dress your voice for cold call success

by on February 3, 2010 · 0 Comment POSTED IN: Selling Essentials Info Center

Just like seeing yourself in photos or on video, listening to yourself on a cold call can be quite shocking and revealing.
Some sales reps I’ve coached sound like executives and some don’t. Some sound like they belong. Others sound like they are pleading for a favor.

Human beings are incredibly good at processing nonverbal information. Prospects quickly process the sound (tone, speed, etc.) of your voice to try to determine who you are and if you’re important (note: calling from a noisy call center is a major clue you are not). Obviously, you want to sound like you are important on a cold call.

I believe it’s critical to record your calls and listen to how you sound. Usually what you hear is not what you expect. Listen and judge if you sound “executive.” Do you sound like you belong?
Do you sound like you should get an appointment with Mr. CEO?
Sounding right takes a lot of practice and working on yourself. But if your primary tool in the sales process is a cold call, it’s a must.

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