The cold call sale to end all cold call sales

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Some cold call sales turn into the once in a life sale

Ever catch yourself thinking that cold call sales are just too much trouble for what they produce? If so, listen to this true story about cold call sales that snagged the order of a salesman’s life.

Peter Rosengaard sold life insurance. One day he saw in the newspaper that MCA, a big entertainment company, had bought Geffen Records for $600 million. Rosengaard knew founder David Geffen was indispensable to the record label, and the investment would go down the drain if something happened to him. So he figured MCA would want to make sure Geffen’s life was well covered. Instead of assuming MCA already had a policy, Rosengaard grabbed the phone and called MCA President Sid Scheinberg. He called and called. He never reached him, but he got friendly with the secretary. So when Scheinberg took a business trip to Italy, she told Rosengaard.

Persistence and preparation are behind the cold call sales success
With the help of a friendly hotel concierge, Rosengaard found out where Scheinberg was staying. Rosengaard then made the critical call – after preparing himself thoroughly.

First, he knew what time to call – 5:30 p.m., when Scheinberg was likely to be in his room dressing for dinner. Second, he knew exactly what he would say. When Rosengaard got through to Scheinberg, he congratulated him on the purchase. Then, he spoke of how important Geffen was to the business, and asked whether MCA had insured him. “We never thought of that,” Scheinberg said. “What did you have in mind?” (!!! Jackpot !!!) Because the salesman was prepared, he was able to aim high. “I thought $100 million would be about right,” he said. “Done,” Scheinberg replied. A few months later, the deal closed.

Based on “The Best Damn Sales Book Ever,” by Warren Greshes, Wiley & Sons.

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