Six ways to get better results on the phone with cold call sales

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Your phone approach has a major impact on your cold call sales

Are your efforts at getting appointments over the phone falling on too many deaf ears? Do cold call sales prospects push back about the economy, lack of time and budget?

Perhaps it’s time to take a closer look at the approach you’re taking and sharpen up your telephone technique with cold call sales. The best sales reps carefully track call results and take fast action when results start to taper off.

Here are six steps you can take:

  1. Write your own cold call sales script
  2. There are good reasons to use a well-sculpted script. One reason a canned script loses impact or sounds stiff is because the salesperson delivering it didn’t write it. One way to beat wooden script delivery is to customize your own script so it comes across in your unique voice. I like to think of a script as a template you can put in your own words and refresh as needed.

  3. Keep up with the times
  4. You have only a few seconds to make a “connection” with the prospect – about 20 seconds from the time the buyer picks up the phone during cold call sales. You need to reduce tension and create interest. Does your current approach create curiosity and start rapport building? An opening that worked fine last year may no longer resonate. Consider this example: “We cut inventory cost for companies like yours by up to 40%. Would saving that kind of money be worth exploring now?”

  5. Model a movie star
  6. When you watch Meryl Streep or another fine movie actor, you don’t think of her reading lines. The words sound natural, authentic and sincere. There’s no evidence that it is a scripted performance. You don’t want to sound like you’ve repeated it a thousand times – even when you have.
    Action step: Record your cold call sales (or have a mentor listen in) and listen for tired delivery, fumbling or hesitation. Practice your new script aloud, rather than just to yourself, until it sounds like your own style of speaking.

  7. Tailor the call
  8. Research prospects to avoid posing irrelevant questions. Example: One financial-services salesperson routinely asked: “Would you like to protect your family’s future?” The line was an immediate rapport killer with single prospects.

  9. Skip throat-clearing talk with cold call sales
  10. Don’t launch a conversation with ho-hum openers like, “This is Joe Smith from Ajax Systems. How are you doing today?” Everyone hears that as a signal for a sales call. Similarly, don’t say, “Can you spare a minute?” It is too easy to answer “no.”

  11. Slow down
  12. Don’t be in such a rush to deliver your message that the prospect cannot get a word in edgewise. Though you’re working from a script, what the customer says is more important than what you say. Treat your cold calling sales script as a “call outline” that’s interactive, and give prospects the floor often. Listen more than you talk, so you learn as much as possible about a prospect’s needs – and unearth more sales opportunities.

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