Are you taking the right risks in your cold call sales tactics?

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Try new cold call sales tactics to create new opportunities

What sets exceptional cold call sales professionals apart from the rest?
I believe it is the willingness to take risks. We’re not talking about skydiving here. Nor sinking your life savings in a new start up. I am talking about taking risks that force you to move out of your comfort zones – risks that stretch you to become more competent, to gain new skills or to expand your abilities Of course, if you fail, it can be emotionally painful, and perhaps financially troublesome. However, if you are successful, it can lead you to other, and greater, cold call sales opportunities.

Test this out
Talk to someone in your profession who has become exceptionally successful. Ask about the risks they have taken. You’ll find almost every successful professional has stretched beyond their comfort zones many times. It’s one of the characteristics of the highly successful professional

You can take risks in a lot of ways. As a salesperson, when you call on a different type of customer than that with which you have become comfortable, you take a risk. For example, when you call on the Chief Financial Officer of a business instead of just the production supervisor, you’ve stepped out of your comfort zone.

When you choose to try a new way to make a presentation, contact your clients, or position your offering, you are taking a risk. When you change some long-entrenched habit, you are taking a risk. When you attempt something new, you are taking a risk.

Some of those risks will turn out well, others will become failures. Regardless, the simple act of trying something different and new will help you.

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