Pump up yourself before you start cold call sales

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Prep time and mental attitude is key to cold call sales

The few minutes of prep time prior to meeting a prospect or giving a presentation to a client are critical. They set the tone for success in your cold call sales.
What you say to yourself during those times can make all the difference. What if you said things like this:

  • I desperately need this sale.
  • I need to show them how good my services are.
  • I need to get them to listen.
  • I hope they think I am good enough.
  • I need to remember my “script.”

I don’t think I am going to enjoy this.
How are you going to come across in cold call sales? Desperate? Unauthentic? Focused on the outcome? It’s all about me-me-me when you talk to yourself this way.
Instead, suppose that in those few minutes, say to yourself:

  • I am going to see if I can help.
  • My focus is on what I can give, not what I can get.
  • I am committed to helping but not attached to it.
  • I am going to look at things from their perspective.
  • I am going to listen, listen and listen.
  • I have no expectations from this conversation.
  • I am going to be me (open, honest, full of integrity, natural).
  • I am going to enjoy this.

Imagine now how you are going to come across if you are thinking like this. Caring? Relaxed? Committed? Magnetic? When it’s all about them, you’re not coming across at all like a salesperson.
You will quickly build rapport and trust; people will listen to you then. Talk about your solution and products before you do this and what you say will fall on deaf ears.

Based on material from Tessa Stowe at www.salesconversation.com

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