Package yourself before cold calling sales

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Creating the total package is one of the keys to victory in cold calling sales

A fresh young salesperson couldn’t make any headway with cold calling sales. The farmers in his rural Midwest territory wouldn’t buy no matter how hard he tried. In frustration, he asked a veteran rep for advice. “Ditch the suit, show up in a pair of overalls, and lose the fancy presentation. Hunker down and draw in the dirt with sticks.” Sure enough, the young man started closing sales right and left. That story may be apocryphal. But there’s a lot to be said for packaging yourself, because it can make a huge difference in your cold calling sales results results.

How are you perceived?

The image you project can be that of a folksy salesperson, top-shelf consultant, or trusted advisor and friend – whichever works best for the market you serve and your unique personality.

Two key points:

  1. How you look, what you say, how you say it, the materials you present all need to be congruent, with a unified “look and feel.”
    Think this through as part of your pre-call planning, so you make the initial impression you want to make and don’t send any unintended messages.
  2. Consider calling in advance to find out what the dress code is at the prospect’s office. Dress one notch above it. If you’re on the road, keep a jacket and tie, polo shirt, jeans and loafers in your car to switch in and out of as needed.
  3. It’s easy to forget that punctuality is part of the overall package with cold calling sales. Know exactly where you are going (use a GPS system) and plan to arrive 15 minutes early. That will give you the breathing room you need to get through security, check yourself in a mirror, relax and mentally prepare yourself.

    All these details are important in creating just the right package that will resonate with your buyers.

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