Neutralizing initial cold call sales resistance

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Cold call sales are still the most direct line to the customer

Even in today’s tech-laden world, unglamorous cold call sales are still a necessity in the sales profession. In fact, it remains the straightest, most direct way of getting qualified sales opportunities into your pipeline.
But it also remains the approach that causes us the most angst, because we know what awaits us when we make those calls. And it’s usually not pretty.
This means, then, that we still need to develop or refine the cold call sales skill of breaking through the initial call resistance prospects send our way.

There are three reasons a prospect may react with less than overwhelming enthusiasm:

  1. They’re objecting to you, your “pitch,” or your “intrusion” into their space (“I don’t like cold calls.”)
  2. They’re objecting to your offering (“I don’t need or want what you’re selling.”)
  3. They’re objecting to a potential upset of the status quo (“I already have one like it, and I’m satisfied with it.”)

Strategies that work
If you sense prospects are objecting to you, polish your delivery. If they don’t get what you’re saying, consider revising your script. Add benefits if there are none. Shorten it if it’s rambling; add details to spark interest.

Prospects may be conditioned to expect a canned pitch or “feature dump.” Get this person to lower his guard with disarming language like, “I don’t imagine you were sitting there waiting for my call…”
If prospects seem indifferent to your offering, acknowledge that and use a “bridge” statement like “many of my customers thought so until…” That will get your prospect to soften his stance and earn you the opportunity to have a conversation.

Based on material from Craig James at The Sales Solution

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