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Maximize the value of your cold call sales time

Bonnie’s colleagues wondered how she managed to sell anything at all with her lousy people skills. Around the office, she was just short of rude. She never asked about your weekend. She avoided the parties and get-togethers. Walked out of meetings. Sometimes, if you were talking to her, she’d just pick up her phone and start dialing.
So they couldn’t figure out how she managed to rack up more cold call sales than anyone else.

Cold call sales need to be done when you can connect

Bonnie’s people skills were fine. In fact, if you ran into her after work, she’d seem like a different person: easygoing and relaxed. What she understood – and her colleagues didn’t – was the difference between selling time and janitorial time. Selling time is the time available to you for customer contact. Janitorial time is the rest.

No matter how many hours you put in, you can’t increase cold call sales time. It’s limited not by your efforts but by the hours your customers and prospects work. Unless they’re willing to hear from you at 5 a.m. on a Saturday morning, you’re pretty much limited to eight hours a day and 220 work days a year.

That gives you only about 1,760 hours to get your cold call sales done.

Nights and weekends free
Think of selling time like the peak minutes on your cell phone plan: You don’t want to waste them gabbing with friends and family. That’s what evening and weekend minutes are for. With selling hours so limited and so valuable, it doesn’t make sense to use them for anything other than getting face time or phone time with customers.

To maximize your cold call sales time, try to shift everything else into janitorial time: expense reports, call reports, updating customer files. That may seem like a recipe for long days, but in fact it can save you time. Studies show that salespeople who actively manage their time can improve sales productivity by 20% to 30%. By making your hours more effective, you reach your sales goals that much sooner.

Maximize Return-on-Time
Treat your selling time like it’s money – because it is. Put it where it will get the best returns. Here are some ways to make those selling hours work harder:

  1. Learn to say no.
    Ask yourself, “Is this activity the best use of my time right now?” If the answer is no, stop doing it. Do it later if you must, during your janitorial hours. Even better, ask yourself what would happen if you didn’t do it at all. Try to say no even if your manager asks you to do something unproductive. Ask, “Would you like me to do this now or would you prefer I spend the time selling?” Your manager may decide to delegate the task elsewhere.
  2. Clean your desk
    Your mother was right when she told you to clean up your act. Studies show that we spend up to 70 minutes a day just looking for stuff. Don’t aim for perfection, but a system that allows you to put your hands on what you need with a minimum of wasted effort. And, of course, use your off-peak hours – not selling time – to get organized.
  3. Know your best time for cold call sales.
    Everybody has one. Use it to your best advantage. If you’re a morning person, get up an hour earlier. If you’re a night owl, carve out time for admin activities in the evening. Do your worst jobs first. If you hate cold call sales, make them even before you go for coffee. Otherwise, you’ll fritter away time all day procrastinating over them.
  4. Based on “Ten Steps to Sales Success,” by Tim Breithaupt

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