Mine last year's cold call sales proposals for more leads this year

by on February 3, 2010 · 0 Comment POSTED IN: Selling Essentials Info Center

Make past opportunities into new cold call sales

Remember this time in 2008? Before the world turned upside down?
You may have trouble recalling the cold call sales prospects that didn’t pan out. They moved on, you moved on, and a whole lot of stuff has happened since.

All the more reason to consider them now as prime leads for your sales pipeline. Maybe the solution they chose didn’t work out. Maybe the vendor they selected has gone away. Maybe the ideas you suggested make more sense now. Or maybe they have an entirely different set of problems.

All of which are reasons to reconnect with last year’s cold call sales that lead to Request For Proposals. You’ve already established your credentials. You’re a familiar name. You’re well along on the learning curve. Now you have an opportunity to create a new relationship based on the challenges they’re facing today.

Action step: Mine old activity reports and proposals. Pass along the contacts to your reps and have them reach out: “We spoke last year and I’m sure a lot has happened since then. What’s new?”

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