Too Much 'Me-Me-Me' will Kill Off Your Cold Call Sales

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With cold call sales, show how your products deliver value

Most sales reps I know put a lot of time and effort into making a good impression on cold call sales prospects, from opening statements to presentations, emails and other correspondence. Yet all this effort may work against you.

Consider this meticulously crafted statement a technology firm’s marketing department trained its sales reps to use:

“We deliver an innovative, enterprise-class business integration platform that incorporates proven integration technology with next generation capabilities into one interoperable set of tools that delivers a unique combination of efficiency, agility and control.”

Are you duly impressed? Marketing types call these words “differentiators” meant to make an impression. But it’s more likely that jaded corporate buyers will quickly tune out – and immediately erect insurmountable barriers nearly impossible to overcome.

From the buyer’s perspective it’s a disingenuous, self-serving cold call sales pitch. Your leading edge products or full range of services does not impress them. They’ll react with rehearsed words of their own, like:

  • We’re already working with …
  • It’s not in the budget.
  • We’re not interested at this time.

Simply put, being impressive doesn’t work. Change the game by making an impact instead.

Take out the trash

Throw out all those impressive words and phrases out of your cold call sales script. They’re literally hurting your efforts. And unless you’re incredibly diligent, they’ll sneak into your voicemails or slip out in conversations with prospects.

Look at your written material too. You may not be able to avoid using materials from the corporate office. But you certainly can control what’s in your own emails, letters, PowerPoint presentations or proposals.

Be ruthless. Take out a big red marker and highlight anything that sounds like you’re trying to impress the decision maker.

Focus on impact in cold call sales

After you take out the trash, you may not have too much to say. That’s good! No one cares about it anyway. All they care about is the difference you can make for their organization – that’s your value proposition.

To learn your real value, talk to customers and ask:

  • What outcomes have you achieved because of our relationship?
  • What effect has our offering had on your critical business metrics?
  • What were the ramifications for your division, or department?

Listen to the words they use. You’ll quickly discover they don’t speak “sales talk” at all. You’ll never hear them rave about your unique methodology or passion for excellence.

They’ll talk about shortening time to market, increasing productivity, reducing error rates and driving sales.

That’s their language, it’s time to start using it in your cold call sales. Get down and dirty. Talk like they do. Discuss the problems they face, the challenges ahead, and the business objectives they must reach. And how you can help by focusing on them – not your “stuff.”

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    Salvaging sales presentations by asking one simple question

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