Make customers' value what you give with your cold calling sales

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Are you giving a gift in your cold calling sales?

Many salespeople I know despise B2B cold calling sales. Often it is because they are trying too hard to “get” something from someone – “get” an appointment or “get” an order. Trouble is, you can’t “get” something from somebody who doesn’t know, like, trust and respect you.

When you change your mindset to “giving,” though, your results can improve dramatically. You’re not asking to get anything from prospects. You’re giving.

It has to be the right recipient for the gift. If you look at it this way, cold calling sales is a “discarding” process. You’re sifting for the right match – the customer who will value what you offer.

How many did you reject today?
Your objective in cold calling sales is to reject as many people as possible, as quickly as possible. That eliminates the time and money wasted on people who will never buy, and stops fruitless “follow-up” calls that lead only to frustration.

It only takes 35 to 40 seconds on the phone. Here’s an example:
“Rick, this is Josh Snider from Ace Delivery. May I take a moment seconds to tell you why I am calling? Then you can tell me if we should continue speaking. I work with owners of small manufacturing companies who are frustrated because their customers don’t get shipments on time, even though you completed the job on time. Rick, is that an issue for you?”

No hard feelings

If that’s not Rick’s issue, your gift isn’t for him. No hard feelings, no rejection. If they do not have any problems you can fix, it’s over (for now), and you can move on to find the right recipient for your valuable gift.

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