Fresh cold calling techniques to start a conversation

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Do your cold calling techniques make the customer want to engage more?

How can you start a conversation in a totally natural, familiar way that doesn’t sound like a sales pitch to the other person, and yet increases your chance of getting your next referral or making your next sale?

There are no magic cold calling techniques. However, you can use an approach that elicits interest so the prospect will want to engage you in a conversation. Three examples:

  1. The Provocative Question:
  2. You’ve probably seen cold calling techniques like this on Web sites, flyers and direct mail. It works just as powerfully in conversations. You pinpoint a problem or symptom the other person probably has, like this: “Do you worry about your employees unknowingly giving away trade secrets?” This kind of question lets you reply, “That’s what I prevent.”

  3. The Level-Setting Statement:
  4. This is a universal statement that gets the other person nodding in agreement and then, WHAM! your point of difference hits them like a ton of bricks! For example: “A lot can go wrong with a live event. (No argument there.) But I’ve developed a process that enables me to guarantee a successful event.”

  5. The Stereotype Killer.
  6. When people find out you’re a (insert your title here), they often fall back on stereotypes and form a negative impression. A quick way to deal with that is to play against the stereotype: “Be honest – when I say I’m a financial planner, you probably think I’m looking to sell you a bunch of bad investments to make big commissions, right?” Then you can go on to explain how your business, service or approach fixes the problem everyone else in your industry has created.

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